Over the past thirteen years, I’ve made minor efforts at becoming a professional author. To an extent, I’ve succeeded.  I’ve had several novels published, my short stories have been published in various anthologies, and I now speak at the occasional writers’ conference or group event.

2016 has brought to light a few revelations and I am finding myself shifting gears, looking for the what’s next for myself and my writing. I’ve decided to take a different tack and separate my writing, placing my sci-fi, mythology and drama under my own name and all of my more *adult* works under a different name, Asher Bristow.  Long story, doesn’t matter. What matters is that I will still be writing and speaking under my own name and that is what this site is going to focus on. However, you’re more than welcome to check out the harder edge (as it evolves) over at Asher’s site.

For, now, I will begin to rebuild my platform, according to this new paradigm and face the uphill battle that lies before me.  That’s okay…I love a good fight!

For those who attend my presentation on plotting, at the Writer’s Guild of Texas meeting on Monday March 21st, here are the links to the presentation in presentation format, as well as a PDF version. Hope you enjoyed the talk!

In The Trenches – All About Plot – Presentation Slide Deck

In The Trenches – All About Plot – PDF

As for me, I will keep writing and I expect the same of you!

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