Book Bound

Book Bound with Michelle Prince

I recently attended a writing workshop put on by the seemingly always effervescent Michelle Prince called “Book Bound.” I have to say that I went in with an open mind, as I am a fiction writer and I had pretty good idea that this was geared more towards non-fiction writers. Or, aspiring writers, to be more accurate.

Everyone has a story.

This was noted several times and I could not agree more.  I know that I consider myself a rather average guy yet, when I begin speaking of my past, the reactions range from disbelief to wide-eyed wonder. I suppose that’s a good thing. Regardless, it goes to prove my point and the point of Book Bound: everyone has a story to tell.

The event was a 3-day exercise in getting your idea out of your head and onto the page, as well as a sort of inundation course in what is involved in publishing said story. And, of course, marketing it. (That last one is the real challenge, I feel!)

I learned a lot. I really enjoyed the mind-mapping exercise and plan to utilize that practice much more in even my fiction writing. Quite a bit was a reiteration of information of which I was already (painfully) aware due to my time on the publishing end of things.

The parts I enjoyed most, however, were the purely positive attitudes of all of the participants without exception and the camaraderie that exuded from the event as a whole. Events like Book Bound are almost always exhilarating and energizing. If only we could maintain that level of energy… I’d be pumping out work left and right!

Making those connections is kind of a key point. If you surround yourself with like-minded individual, consistently and constantly, you are much more likely to succeed in reaching your goals. You have a set of cheerleaders just for you. As you would serve as the same in return. Simply put, that feeling is amazing.

There was also an inspirational aspect to the event. Michelle, herself is a former employee and disciple (so to speak) of Zig Ziglar who, if you weren’t aware, was possibly the best motivational speaker there has ever been. No. I am not exaggerating.

To spend that time, experience that kindred mindset, that mutual energy…it was more than worth the time and money (it wasn’t that expensive for a 3-day event) that I invested.

Now, the goal is to keep that mindset. Keep that goal of using what I’ve learned to fuel my forward momentum. Write that book. Share and learn even more.

What have you experienced lately that has stoked the fires of creativity in you?

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