Coerced Wonder - About CL Stegall


Coerced Wonder - About CL StegallC.L. Stegall is an award-winning author and speaker. He writes speculative fiction and thrillers. He has had short stories and novellas published in various anthologies such as Past the Patch (edited by horror author Brian Fatah Steele) and Twice Upon a Time (from Beard Scribe Press). He served as editor and contributor to the novella anthologies, 4POCALYPSE: Four Tales Of A Dark Future and 4RCHETYPES: Modern Interpretations of Classic Horror.

He has spoken about the various aspects and trade-craft of writing at Dallas-local writers’ groups such as Writer’s Guild of Texas, as well as LexiCon (2013-2016) and DFWCon (2017).

C.L is a fan of sci-fi and fantasy in all their forms, a lover of carrot cake and a former military intelligence linguist. He lives in Plano, TX with his lovely Wife and two dogs who think they run the joint.