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Eternal Dreamers

When I was a kid, I found escape through my (apparently) limitless imagination. I built forts which I protected from marauding Indians and errant spaceship attacks. I ran through the woods, chased by imaginary monsters and/or hit-men. I climbed trees to reach the heavens…sometimes falling back to the earth with a resounding bit of reality marking my skin and sometimes bones.

By the time I reached high school, I converted that imagination into a flow of words that, to this very day, has failed to cease.

Welcome to the mind of a boy, a soldier, a geek, a husband… and, an eternal dreamer.

General Topic

Starting Afresh

Bound on all sides by the realms of
imagination and fear and determination and hope.
Set upon by my own curiosity and drive.
Limited only by my own desires,
My own mind.
Take that breath.
Take that step…
Take the chance.