While I’ve been familiar with C.L. Stegall’s work as an author for some time now, it has been working with him at Dark Red Press that I’ve come to see what a dedicated leader and exceptional creative force he is as well. He has displayed just as much skill in marketing and management as he has in crafting fictional tales, and for this… I am proud to be his associate, assistant and friend at Dark Red Press.

Brian Fatah Steele

I have had the fortune of reading CL’s writings as an up and coming author. His work is engaging, thought provoking and entertaining. He has the ability to suck you into his literary world and before you know it, you’re lost in his story. You owe it to yourself to check out his work.

Tony Eldridge

He has always been my go to person to get things done on projects. He has a wealth of experience yet he is always willing to help his team out. I really enjoyed working with CL and hope to cross paths with him again in the future.

Lacy Peaches

In addition to the effort CL put into his own work, he also was a great team member, often going above and beyond what was expected to help out teammates and ensure project deliverables more than exceeded customer expectations and were delivered on time.

L. Nehmer

CL and I worked together as mission specialists in an Army reconnaissance program. CL’s expertise was vital in accomplishing an important national security program. His ability to understand complex issues and indicators in a challenging environment as a technical analyst while also providing leadership to junior operators and analysts benefited the accomplishment of the mission. CL also served as an editor of the battalion newsletter which enhanced communications between leadership, soldiers, and families. CL exemplified proficiency, loyalty, and accomplishment in all assigned and assumed tasks. […]

Joe Boutte

CL’s superior logic, patience and pensive management of time and people made him one of the best managers with whom I have had the pleasure to work. Given short suspense notices to execute a project, CL instinctively know who to tap and how to motivate.

Darren Corbiere