The Waif’s Tale

The Waif's Tale - by C.L. Stegall

Beautifully vicious!

The Waif's Tale - C.L. StegallParis, a 135-year old woman in a young girl’s body, has the world at her fingertips. As a lethal Valensi (the basis of all vampire myths), she works as a distinguished member of the High Guard, serving and protecting the leader of the Valensi hierarchy in Europe.

With one fateful decision Paris goes from elite bodyguard to wanted fugitive. Making a desperate escape, she flees into the human world, on the run from an ancient assassin who is the only man capable of finding her…and the only man she has ever loved.

With memories of her once-admirable life trailing her every move, she must stay one step ahead of her executioner and somehow find her new place in the world. Can she save herself from her fate? Can she protect herself from her own heart? Or, will she face her lover in a final game of death?

The Waif’s Tale is dark, sensual, violent, and heartwarming – a dance in the shadows, yet illuminating to the truths of what it really means to be a denizen of the night.

What’s being said about “A Waif’s Tale” –

Takes the reader through the amazing life of Paris as she grows from homeless orphan to one of the elite in an underground vampire society. Full of intrigue, love, and betrayal, it’s a unique and fantastic addition to vampire lore.
– O. M. Grey, Amazon Gothic Romance best selling author of Avalon Revisited