About C.L. & Severin Ridge

Imagination Run Wild

For each project we create, we look for a theme. That may be for a photo, for a song or for a novel. Wherever our imagination takes us, we are along for the ride. We sincerely hope you will come along and enjoy the adventures with us!


Creative Writing

First published in 1986, C.L. has been writing creatively since his school days. He has published numerous short stories, novellas and full-length novels. He is currently at work on his New Scions series.

Song Writing

Lyrical in in own nature, C.L. has held a love of music from an early age. He has served as music producer and sound engineer for California bands and has written hundreds of songs (some worthy, some not so much!). His love of words, of course, led him to song lyrics and he continues to produce songs for himself for his own personal pleasure. Here he will share a few of the works he feels are of a professional level.


C.L.'s love of photography led him and his lovely Wife, Mona, to start a photography business in San Diego, CA in 2003. They continued their work in Dallas. These days, most of his photos are for the simple fun of capturing the moment in time.

C.L. Stegall
Founder/Creative Director
Mei Mei Grace Stegall
Mona Nicolas-Stegall
Creative Inspiration

Dallas, Texas

Email: cl@clstegall.com

Skype: clstegall

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+1 214 843 0014

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