That Time I Decided to Grow a Full Beard

On my birthday, this year (2019), I made the decision to embrace my motorcycle rebel persona and grow out a full beard. I have had a full (but shortish) beard in my youth but never to the length I am striving this time around. I am shooting for about 6 inches, trimmed and shaped…not all crazy-like.

As I tend to do, I did a lot of research on “how to grow a beard.” That sounds ridiculous. You just don’t shave. Duh!

Nope. There is definitely more to it. If you want a “nice” beard, that is.

Of course, if you hit the internet there is no lack of “instructional” videos and sites dedicated to growing and maintaining a beard. More information than you would ever need, really. Still, it all boils down to a few simple rules:

  1. Let it grow — no trimming or shaping until you have a decent full growth where the shaping can be made without hindering further growth, ESPECIALLY the area along your Adam’s apple and above, your neckline. DO NOT shave that. It is what gives your beard its fullness!
  2. Use *good* products to keep your beard growth healthy: a nice beard wash, a natural beard conditioner, beard oil (better for your face and skin than your beard), beard balm/butter. Really, use what works for you to keep your beard soft and controllable.
  3. Only trim maybe once a month. This gives your beard time to grow and makes it easier to shape properly and successfully. And,
  4. NEVER trim/shape while product has been applied. Always wash with a beard wash (never soap) and dry…then trim shape *prior* to using product.

Honestly, if you just follow those guidelines, you’ll have a nice, full beard that breeds envy in all who are lucky enough to observe it!

Now, this is what I’ve learned over the months of growing and working to grow my beard out. I have a long way to go to reach my goal so, if I find anything new and worthy to share to help fellow bearded ones, I will post here with as much detail as I can.

For reference only, here are the initial set of photos of my growth. I’ve had a goatee for quite some time, so to begin this process, I trimmed it up, shortened it a little and started with that.

Day 14:

Day 30:

Day 60:

Day 90:

Day 120 (after my first professional trim and shaping):

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